Tetraedge Atlantis Redux v1.00 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 - Cracked-BiNPDA

19/07/2008 01:43

Tetraedge Atlantis Redux v1.00 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 - Cracked-BiNPDA

The FULL Quest for Atlantis with 3D VIDEO - an amazing game for SYMBIAN s60v3 devices

Game Features:
*A travel in time and geography, which will take gamers from the Hoggar desert to the icy plains of Paleolithique, through ancient Egypt and the wonderful palaces of the Thousands and One Nights.

*High quality graphics and environment with more than 30 min of 3D video

*360 degrees visible environment, with numerous puzzle games with increasing difficulties procuring a total immersion in an exciting game.

*Dialogues with many characters


2020. Hoggar desert - A young archaeologist searches for the existence of a metropolis built, according to myth and legend, by the ancient Egyptians....
From the palaces of the Thousand and One Nights to the Sahara Desert, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to the icy plains of the Paleolithic, immerse yourself in the beauty and the mystery of ATLANTIS.


Symbian s60v3 - 60 MB storage & 8 MB free RAM (program memory)
The game is in QVGA

Unzip the file Atlantis-s60v3-En.zip on your computer.
You will obtain a file called Atlantis-s60v3-En.sis.
Copy the file Atlantis-s60v3-En.sis on your device or on your memory card.
Use the file manager on your device to execute it.
Follow the instructions.

Download: [Thanks to deepak and nt_virus]


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