K-Rally for S60v3

27/06/2008 17:09

K-Rally - Best Racing Game!!


K Rally is a top-down 3D racing game where you and several opponents have to race around a variety of tracks. You can play dirty if you want, in fact the scoring system encourages it, by ramming your car into the rear or sides of your competitors or even by firing rockets and laying mines.

The graphics are lovely and clearly make use of the Symbian hardware. Although the gameplay is 2D, the whole game takes place in a detailed and smooth 3D world full of tall trees and pillars of rock, with clouds and birds that float past the camera, and lighting including shadows and headlights. The skins which determine the graphics are separate from the tracks, so you might race several times on the same track and it could look completely different each time. Skins also sometimes add new features such as ice or rain, which can affect your driving ability. K-Rally has relatively complex graphics, but you can set it to run at seven different levels of detail if you feel it's too slow on your particular Symbian model. The game supports full-screen mode both vertically and horizontally, although the options menu screens are vertical only and appear with black sidebars on horizontal phones.

K-Rally is a brilliant commercial quality smartphone game, it has great graphics and fun gameplay, with phone-friendly customisable controls and enough depth to keep it playable over a longer period.

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